It cost more than I thought” is a common statement from most homeowners who have gone through any remodeling project. Bathroom remodeling projects are not exempt. It can have unexpected costs if you don’t manage your project wisely. The following tips will help guide your project so you aren’t sending your money down the drain.

Plan Your Project on Paper

Before you make the final decision to start your project, get out a notepad or open up an excel file and document what you want for your new bathroom. Then, separate each category info financial groups. Labor costs, materials, fixtures, and lighting should be listed with an approximate cost as you research and compare. If you find better deals, or that the Italian imported endless flow spa tub you wanted will crush your budget, make corrections until you can commit.

Create a Cushion in Your Budget

After you’ve estimated the cost of your bathroom remodel in Greensboro NC, don’t write a check for that amount just yet. Unexpected costs, issues, and other plumbing problems can add unexpected costs to your project. Creating a cushion in your budget at the beginning with soften the blow of additional costs while helping you stay within budget.

Bathroom remodel photo

Track and Report

Remember that notepad or excel file? Keep it handy. During your project, track all costs and invoices as you spend and receive. If you find any totals that aren’t congruent with your original report, find out why. Being involved and part of your bathroom remodeling keeps you informed and your project on budget.

Get Your Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodel in Greensboro

Bathroom remodeling can make any homeowner feel like they’re flushing their money down the brand new toilet if they don’t plan and manage their project wisely. Start your bathroom remodel in Greensboro smartly by working with bathroom remodeling experts who work skillfully within budgets. Call Distinctive Design today at (336) 886-4293.