remodeling small bathrooms

An unfortunate part of owning an older home is the lack of bathroom space. Often there are not enough bathrooms and the existing ones are too small. Depending on the age of your home, it’s possible that bathrooms were added later after indoor plumbing became more common. If your small bathroom is cramping your style, consider these options for maximizing the space.

The first option to consider is whether or not the bathroom can be expanded into any adjoining rooms or closets. Sometimes closets can be eliminated to make more space or walls can be pushed into other rooms. However, if this is not possible, there are other ways to make more space.

Next, consider rearranging the bathroom. It may be possible to move the toilet or sink or even the bathtub to different areas of the room. But this may require plumbing changes which can costly, and will take more time. If you are looking for simpler ways to maximize space, there are other options.

Most likely the biggest item in the bathroom is the tub or shower. If you have a full tub, consider downsizing to a more compact shower stall. Instead of a shower curtain, install clear frameless glass doors. Consider doors that go all the way to the floor to remove the barrier of the tub edge.

The next biggest item is usually the sink. Consider a pedestal sink to eliminate the bulkiness of cabinets. If you don’t want to lose your under-sink cabinet space, install a smaller sink/cabinet combo and add some higher cabinets. Over the sink hang a mirror with a built in medicine cabinet. When it comes to cabinet space, extend upward instead of outward.

When it comes to the toilet, the options are slightly more limited. There are different sizes so it is possible to downgrade to a smaller one. Another option is a wall hung toilet where the tank is within the wall, which could save you about 9 inches of space.

After you have opened up as many actual inches of space as possible, the next option is to make the space seem bigger through design. Try creating one bold focal point for the room, such as an elaborate vanity/sink space. Choose bold patterns or textures and artful light fixtures. Use a large mirror above the sink to create the illusion of more space. Other mirrors throughout the room can aid in that illusion.

Another design option that can open up a small room is color. Light colors can make the space feel more open and bright. White marble walls can brighten the room and still have texture. A popular theme for bathrooms lately is Zen or Asian inspired. This style often uses a lot of white backgrounds with black accents. Using darker colors can also give the illusion of more space because it makes walls and borders blend together.

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