2013-09-03-22.10.39-300x225.jpgHave you always wanted to have a kitchen with unique style and design? Are you currently exploring various options for kitchen remodeling in Greensboro? It is essential to contract with a company that will consider your ideas and create a design that fits your lifestyle, your home’s natural character, and your budget. If you are in the information gathering stage of the remodeling process, there are some top trends for 2015 that will be helpful for you to get started. At Distinctive Designs, Inc., our kitchen remodeling specialists will consult with you to create an all-inclusive remodel plan, including the custom design and remodeling aspects, cabinetry, flooring, countertops, lighting, appliances, and plumbing.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends in Greensboro
When researching designs for your home, consider these top trends for 2015, according to www.houzz.com:

  1. Furniture-style design features. This approach marks another step in the evolution of the kitchen as the hub of the home and a treasured space the whole family can enjoy, rather than just a functional area that’s used for food prep and cooking alone.
  2. Airy (and user-friendly), open shelving
  3. Wallpaper that wows
  4. Modern traditional style
  5. Ceilings that make you look up
  6. Luxe metallics
  7. Touch-me textures
  8. Beautiful black
  9. Minimal wall cabinets
  10. Repetitive patterns
  11. Tribal-inspired tones. Not a fan of all-white kitchens or monochromatic color schemes? Then you’re in luck, because vibrant, attention-grabbing hues are making a comeback in the kitchen.
  12. Vertical-joint wood paneling
  13. Shaker style

Kitchen Remodeling Uses Wood, Metals and Textures to Add Warmth
Beautiful furniture in a kitchen adds sophistication and warmth since the kitchen serves as the central meeting space in the home for family members. Shelving that is open with an airy feel is practical and adds character to your kitchen. Wallpaper adds a nice contrast to solid colors. Mix up textures and materials to reflect your personality with a modern or traditional design. Wood, combined with stainless steel and other materials, help create a warm, inviting and stunning atmosphere to the room. Incorporating ceilings into the overall design of the room by using lighting features and windows that naturally draw your eye up, is also a popular trend this year. Also topping the list in creative kitchen design is the use of warmer metallics, such as copper, bronze and gold to add visual interest and an artistic design.

Colors and Cabinetry for Kitchen Design Make a Statement

Not sure of a main color for the kitchen? If you want a bold and sleek design, black is a color that is trending this year in kitchens because it matches well with stainless appliances to give it a modern look. Want your kitchen to look more spacious? Using fewer wall cabinets will create an airy feel to the kitchen area. Kitchen backsplashes are trending towards the use of repetitive patterns to add texture, design, and a pop of color. Using various paint finishes, like gloss and matte, will liven up the room as well. Paneled cabinetry and ceilings add dimension to the space and Shaker style kitchens focus on the craftsmanship and simplicity of kitchen design.

Some of these ideas may inspire you in your own design project. It is helpful to keep a list of features that you want to have for your remodeling project and to think about colors, patterns and textures that will help create an inviting and warm look for your home. At Distinctive Designs, Inc., we provide custom designs that integrate into the overall kitchen remodeling in Greensboro, to personalize your kitchen into a state-of-the-art reflection of your lifestyle. Contact us today at (336) 886-4293 to speak with one of our design consultants and begin your journey towards a newly designed kitchen.

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