Pantry Cabinets in Greensboro

A pantry cabinet is one of the more difficult places in the home to keep organized. Many of us have discovered food that we had no idea we owned; and stocking a cluttered pantry cabinet is, at best, an interesting lesson in geometry. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a complete overhaul, there are options to consider for a pantry that is out of order.

Pantry organizers in Greensboro are responsible for transforming your cluttered kitchen into a place where cooking and storage are a snap. The type of organizer you choose will have a lot to do with the size and location of your pantry. Our designers can assist you with choosing the very best options for your specific needs.

High Pantry Cabinets

For a pantry cabinet that is above a stove or sink, the biggest problems are often line-of-sight related. Unless you are very tall, items in the back of the cabinet can be difficult to see on their own, not to mention how the items up front contribute to blocking the view. Many have found that a Lazy Susan or turntable makes storage and finding what you’ve stored a much easier process, especially for smaller items. For those of smaller stature, a step stool can turn out to be one of the best and most useful tools in the kitchen.

Floor Level Pantry Cabinets

Lower placed pantry cabinets are also good candidates for a Lazy Susan. Since you’ll be looking at these cabinets from above, they can also benefit from the addition of pull out shelves and drawers. Most people store their heavier items in low cabinets for easier access. If you buy in bulk, make sure your pantry organizer is strong enough to hold that 20-pound bag of flour or jumbo sack of rice.

Pantry Closets

Those lucky enough to have an entire pantry closet have a few other pantry organizer options to consider. There are many types of wire pantry organizers available for closet sized spaces and they work especially well with shallow pantries. If you have a deep pantry closet, a shallow wire system could actually waste space, while a deeper one won’t be that much different than a regular shelf.

To be most effective, deep pantry closets need some inner mobility. A floor-to-ceiling Lazy Susan would be nice, but the price might not be so accommodating. A set of shelves that slide out, however, could be the perfect way to both view and access all of your stored goods. Large carts or drawers on the lower levels are also useful.

The closet door itself offers some options that a regular pantry cabinet might not have. While cabinet size doors might accommodate a spice rack, a closet sized door can be fitted with a set of shelves all its own. These shelves can be mounted with hardware if stability is desired, but if you just want a place to put cereal and bags of chips, there are some shelving units that can be hung from the top of the door that require no tools to install.

Sometimes these sorts of units aren’t the most visually appealing, and those with a taste for elegance might opt to have their pantry custom designed. It will cost a bit more, but the look and function will be second to none.

If you need advice on remodeling your pantry in Greensboro, contact Distinctive Designs today. Let our design experts find the perfect solution for your unique pantry needs.