Marble Countertops: Luxury at it’s finest

Black and White Marble Countertops by Distinctive Designs in GreensboroNothing says elegance and luxury quite like marble.

An all-natural stone, marble has been used for centuries to create a dramatic look in both homes and buildings. Although the initial cost is higher than synthetic options, marble provides several benefits. Aside from aesthetics, marble is quite durable if cared for properly. In fact, a well-crafted marble vanity can last for decades. Marble also makes a great choice for countertops, flooring, and tiling because it’s naturally resistant to staining, chipping, breaking, and scratching.

If you’re interested in incorporating marble into your home or building, contact Distinctive Designs today. Our knowledgeable team located in Greensboro, NC is happy to assist you in color choice, size, and finish. We’ll even help you schedule out installation and maintenance to ensure your new marble┬ácountertop, floor, or vanity lasts a lifetime. Call us today at (336) 814-2259 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the benefits marble provides. We also offer granite countertops.