Marble Countertops in Greensboro Combine Nature and Beauty

Want to add natural smoothness, brightness and contrast in your kitchen? Marble countertops in Greensboro make a sophisticated statement in your kitchen, as well as provide a beautiful and sturdy surface for your kitchen area. Elegant and stylish, marble countertops add a nice touch to your gourmet kitchen design. At Distinctive Designs, Inc., we carry a wide selection of marble countertops in Greensboro, NC, to make your kitchen shine. What are the different types of marble countertops that are available today? At, marble countertops and their benefits are explained:

“Because acid etching leaves a whitish mark, it is much more noticeable on colored marble than on white marble.”

Low Maintenance White Marble is a Preferred Choice for Marble Countertops

Bright white makes a kitchen look larger and inviting. People gravitate towards white countertops because the natural white marble color blends in well with the rest of the kitchen elements. Other marble colors, such as red, black and taupe, also make nice statements in a high-end kitchen, however they may require more care than the white countertops. Next, you need to look at the veining in the marble.

Linear or Flowered Vein Patterns in Marble Add Interesting Patterns to Your Kitchen

When you are looking for marble countertops in Greensboro, take a look at the various slabs to evaluate the veining patterns. Depending on your space and overall interior design of your home, you will find a unique pattern that works specifically for your kitchen. From flowered vein patterns that are the result of a cross cut, to vein cuts that create linear marks, you can find the design that matches your taste and your home’s character.

Polished or Honed Marble Countertops offer Brilliant Surfaces for Countertops

After you have selected the slabs for your countertops, with the veining patterns that will fit your space and design needs, it is time to decide on the finish. Most homeowners will select honed or polished marble. According to, these are the two most popular finishes for marble:

“But the most popular choices remain polished, which looks glossy, or honed, which appears matte.”

Homeowners who want to have a low maintenance and long-lasting countertop usually go with a honed surface. This particular surface blends well with the acid etching that can occur when another food or liquid creates an acidic reaction, making a mark on the surface. With honed finishes, the dulled and smooth surface blends well with any acid etchings that occur, creating a great overall appearance. With a polished look, acid etching may show up more clearly, however the polished, glossy look of the stone adds a dressier appearance. The choice is up to homeowner, to decide if a more casual look is being achieved or a top of the line, glossier shine is wanted. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Marble countertops in Greensboro add character and charm to kitchens, bringing you into a world of elegance and culture.

Once you have selected the marble countertop that will add beauty and high quality durability to your kitchen, you will also have the edges smoothed or curved to add further strength and elegance. Modern, gourmet kitchens are a work of art as well as an inviting gathering place for families and friends. Find the perfect combination of strength and sophistication for your kitchen by consulting with Distinctive Designs, Inc. at 336-886-4293.

(Source: AD’s Guide to Marble Countertops,, January 26, 2015)