Kitchen Lighting

We don’t overlook the importance of kitchen lighting.

Many homeowners overlook the importance of good lighting in their kitchen design. The good news is that we haven’t. Distinctive Designs will use our experience remodeling and renovating your home in Greensboro and the surrounding areas of NC to provide the most effective kitchen lighting systems.

As you prepare your meals, work on homework, and balance your checkbook, it is crucial that you have a well-lit kitchen. Attractive and well-designed lights will enhance your décor and improve the functionality of your kitchen.

Quality kitchen lights are available in many different styles, colors, and material that will brighten and compliment any style of kitchen.

There are three types of lighting to consider:

  • Task lighting provides illumination for activities like food preparation, cleaning, and reading recipes. It is used over any workspace in your kitchen.
  • Ambient lighting is used to set the feel or mood of the room.
  • Accent lighting is used to draw attention to different aspects of the room such as display cabinets or decorative art.

Let Distinctive Designs create a kitchen for you with the best possible lightning, both natural and artificial.  Give us a call at (336) 814-2259 to start your kitchen design process.

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