kitchen island ideas

One of the best additions you can make to your kitchen is an island. Kitchen islands can serve many different purposes and can be made in many different styles. They can be stationary or mobile. They can provide you with extra storage space, counter space, seating space, cooking space, and appliance space. All you need is the floor space.

The easiest type of kitchen island to install is the mobile kind. Usually these look a lot like a cart with wheels on one end and feet on the other. Mobile islands are usually smaller than built in islands and have less cabinet space underneath and more open shelving. The advantages are that mobile islands are usually less expensive and they can be moved around the kitchen. They can be moved out of the kitchen entirely when more floor space is needed. And gives you the flexibility to change your mind about how you want your kitchen to look.

There are a variety of options when you install a built-in kitchen island. A basic island usually includes cabinet space with a countertop. This allows you more storage space for the increasing amount of kitchen gadgets available. There can be cabinets and drawers, whichever suits your storage needs. Some choose to install a wine rack or space to hang stemmed glasses. The extra counter space provides you with a workspace for cooking and baking. It can also give you more space to lay out food or drinks for entertaining.

A slightly more elaborate island might have an extended countertop on one side with stools underneath for seating. For some people, that extra seating can eliminate the need for a kitchen table, thus saving a significant amount of space. Electricity can usually be run to the island to provide an outlet or two for appliances like toasters, crockpots, mixers, griddles, etc.

An island can provide space for additional appliances. A microwave is an appliance that can easily be installed in an island. A dishwasher can be installed in an island as long as plumbing can be run to it, usually under the floor. A trash compactor is another easy option for in an island. Some people choose to install a mini-fridge for additional drink space or a wine fridge for keeping wine at the right temperature. Those are just a few of the options for appliances that can be installed in a kitchen island.

A stove top can be installed in a kitchen island. An additional stove top can provide you with extra cooking space besides what you have with your range. Electricity or a gas line can be run through the floor to the island for this to be possible. An additional sink can be installed as well with plumbing under the floor.

If a kitchen island is part of your dream kitchen, Distinctive Designs can custom design one for you. We can include it in a full kitchen remodel or install just an island to match your current kitchen. Whatever you want your kitchen island to be, Distinctive Designs will make it happen.