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If you are considering putting hardwood flooring in your kitchen, check out the 2015 trends for hardwoods. Every customer has a unique style and vision for their home. There are many elements that make up a complete kitchen that need to fit seamlessly into the rest of the home design. The flooring, however, is the foundation and sets the style and tone for the rest of the room. Hardwood kitchen flooring in Greensboro is an excellent option. Customers have varying tastes when it comes to style and color choices, and different woods work in different styles of homes. To help make the right choice for you, below is some information on the long-term and emerging trends for this popular flooring surface.

Top 10 Trends for Kitchen Flooring in Greensboro

Hardwood floors are the preferred flooring choice among homeowners for its durability, genuine beauty, and overall quality it lends to the atmosphere of the room. There are ten hardwood flooring trends that are making a sweep through homes today. According to, here are some of the top trends for 2015:

  1. Dark Hardwood Floors
  2. Gray Hardwood Floors
  3. White Wash
  4. Satin Finishes
  5. Wider Planks
  6. Site Finished Hardwood
  7. Vintage Hardwood and Distressed Hardwood (reclaimed look)
  8. Modern Vintage Hardwood – Old World Meets New
  9. American Hardwoods – Domestic Grown and Made in the U.S. are a Clear Preference
  10. Strong Preference for Solid Hardwood Over Engineered Wood

Hardwood Flooring Color Trends

When reviewing the options for staining your hardwood floors, the colors that are trending this year are the very dark brown blends, the neutral gray tones, and the breezy white washed look. The Flooring Girl,, comments on the popularity of these colors below:

“The 2 most popular stains are ebony (darkest and coolest) and Jacobean (a very dark brown, but a tad warmer than ebony). Gray is a sleek and stylish look and creates drama as it’s a little bit different and unexpected. White wash is especially popular with wider plank flooring and when home owners are trying to add light as well as modernity to the home.”

If you have white kitchen cabinets, selecting a dark wood flooring will create a beautiful contrast. Dark-colored floors may produce a more dramatic environment. Light gray and dark gray hardwood flooring adds a neutral palette for you to add more color above the floor level, such as bright cabinets or walls. Light-colored floors serve to make a room appear brighter and larger as well. The white wash trend is great for homes that have a relaxed design with softer color tones. Selecting the perfect hardwood floor for your kitchen is always a matter of personal taste. Trust your instincts as you compare hardwood flooring that offers different appearance and performance characteristics. Whatever palette you choose, hardwood flooring will add its own beauty, character and charm to your kitchen.

Satin Versus Semi-Gloss Floor Finishes

Traditional hardwood floors use a semi-gloss finish to add shine to the flooring. However, for a more modern look, satin finishes are becoming popular for their ability to show fewer scratches and imperfections that build up over time. Distinctive Designs, Inc. will review your family’s preferences and style selections to help you make informative choices within your budget when selecting the right flooring for your Greensboro kitchen.

Extensive Selections of Flooring for your Kitchen

Whether your taste is sleek, traditional, rustic or contemporary, today’s hardwood flooring offers an extensive selection with different surface textures and plank widths to help you create the ambiance you desire. For smaller spaces, wider planks are often used to make rooms appear larger. Wide-width planks work well and may be more scale-appropriate in mid-size and larger rooms. Vintage hardwood is a green choice for your kitchen since it uses reclaimed wood for a distressed look. Also, using the same hardwood flooring from room to room makes the home look bigger and creates a pleasant visual continuity.

Hardwood flooring is an outstanding investment in your home. Distinctive Designs will work with you to decide which styles will compliment your kitchen or home design while staying within your budget. Create the kitchen of your dreams with Distinctive Designs, Inc. Speak to a design consultant today at (336) 886-4293 to learn more about our custom kitchen design and flooring options.

(Source: 10 Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2015,, December 28, 2014)