Kitchen Countertop Idea Greensboro
Countertops set the tone for the design of your kitchen. Kitchen counters are busy surfaces. When choosing what material you should use for your countertops, take into consideration how you wish to use your countertops. Different materials provide different levels of durability and different looks. Of course, some materials are more expensive than others. Choose a material that will hold up to your work habits and still fit within your budget.

There are a variety of materials used to make countertops:

Granite. A popular option that is very sturdy and resistant to knife scratches and burns. Granite countertops come in different finishes: polished (smooth and reflective and the least porous for ease of cleaning), honed (not reflective and more porous but masks imperfections), and leather (feels like leather, less porous, and disguises crumbs and streaks). Granite comes in slabs or tiles. Tiles are less expensive if you are on a tight budget.

Quartz. One of the hardest surfaces on earth, quartz makes an ideal material for kitchen countertops. Its non-porous surface and unique blend of beauty and easy care makes quartz an exceptional match for any lifestyle.

Marble. Luxurious and not as durable as granite. It is also more expensive. If budget is an issue, consider marble for just an island or another smaller area of countertop. Marble also comes in tiles at a lower cost. Marble is easily damaged so be sure to use trivets under hot pans, wipe up spills immediately, and be careful with acids like citrus fruits and juices. Marble makes a beautiful, bold statement for your kitchen.

Slate. Extremely durable, heat resistant, and easy to clean. Slate has a low absorption rate, making it resistant to bacteria, so it is ideal for food prep. Comes in a variety of colors.

Laminate. Looks like granite or marble but is much less expensive. It is completely waterproof but still requires a trivet under hot dishes. It is resistant to scratches and stains and comes in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns.

Stainless Steel. Very strong and holds up to heat. As its name suggests, it does not stain easily. Stainless steel is waterproof, making it good for food prep. It is susceptible to dents and dings so use cutting boards and avoid dropping heavy things on the counter.

Wood. Usually used in one small area of the kitchen as a cutting board. It is the only type of countertop that is ok to use for cutting. Most wood block countertops are made from maple, but oak, cherry, walnut, teak, and even bamboo are sometimes used.

Tile. Ceramic tile is an affordable option that makes a bold statement. Sometimes used in southwestern style kitchens, tile is resistant to heat, water, and stains. Grout can be sealed to prevent stains as well.

Concrete. Like many other materials, concrete is very durable. The biggest advantage is its versatility. Concrete can be poured into any shape so it is ideal for any odd areas in the kitchen.

Whatever vision you have for your kitchen countertops, Distinctive Designs can make it happen. In the Greensboro area, they offer custom kitchen designs with your budget in mind. They can help you decide what type of countertops would be best for your kitchen based on how you use your kitchen.