Kitchen Cabinetry

We can design, create and install your custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinetry in Greensboro.

Have you been dreaming of a kitchen that has all the features you want in a look that you love, but find all of the choices overwhelming? The Distinctive Design team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish, ensuring you get the vital storage space you need in the style you prefer.

How convenient would you find a pull-out shelf for your pots and pans, or a slide-out drawer for the trash can? Even better, how much would you enjoy having all of these features hidden in cabinets that are as lovely to behold as they are efficient to use?

Nothing transforms a kitchen more than exquisite cabinets, which in turn can update the look of your entire home. But you must not sacrifice function for design. Your cabinets provide vital storage space, and it is crucial that they are designed to make the most effective use of that space.

Fully Custom Kitchen Cabinetry in Greensboro

The Distinctive Designs team creates affordable, high quality, custom kitchen cabinetry in Greensboro that is crafted to exactly fit your space, style, and design vision. We listen closely to your specifications, then provide solutions which include innovative storage, specialty drawers, and accessories to create a one of a kind kitchen that you will love.

We also offer our clients the benefit of our experience when choosing from the overwhelming number of options, to ensure that the finished project weaves seamlessly into your home – while being both functional and stylish. Additionally, we are flexible in providing both fully custom and semi-custom solutions, each with a variety of decorative hardware choices.

kitchen cabinet design in greensbroo

We use only the highest quality materials to construct and assemble our cabinets for maximum durability and longevity, and to exceed all industry standards. Additionally, every part of our custom cabinets, from building, sanding, and finishing is done right here. Supporting local industry is important to us.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinetry in Greensboro

If you are on a tight schedule or budget, we also offer semi-custom solutions from leading cabinet manufacturers: Mid Continent Cabinetry, Kabinart, and the Debut Series from Legacy Cabinets. They all offer high quality kitchen and bath cabinets, in a wide variety of styles and pricing for every room of your home.

The shorter lead times make it possible for the installation of semi-custom kitchen cabinets to be easily incorporated into your busy schedule at a price you will love. But the Distinctive Design team will still make sure that you get the look you want and the features you need.

Decorative Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinetry in Greensboro

Would you like to kick the wow factor up a notch or two in your kitchen? Unique decorative hardware provides the perfect final touch to your new cabinets. Ranging from simple yet elegant to elaborate and eye-catching, there are a variety of options available and our consultants can help you choose the ideal look for your kitchen.

Call Distinctive Designs today at (336) 814-2259 to speak with a design consultant and make your dream kitchen a reality.