Your home is typically the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime. However, unlike cars and many other investments that depreciate over time, your home’s value will typically appreciate. One way to boost your home’s value is with a bathroom remodel.

Kermit Baker, Director of the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, said that “People buying a house look first at kitchens and baths.” And, while most homeowners erroneously believe that bathroom remodels are too expensive, the bottom line is they actually pay for themselves plus you get a bathroom that you actually enjoy.

A bathroom renovation in Greensboro, NC can be as simple as removing that old wallpaper and opting for a new paint job or as complex as updating the pipes or enclosing the hallway bathroom with a bedroom to create a master suite. Additionally, talk to any home appraiser and they will tell you that one of the most important consideration for them is the type of pipes used in the home. The new PEX (plastic tubing) are more reliable and do not rust like older pipes do.

Another simple and cheap bathroom remodel is achieved by updating the fixtures, lighting, and removing the popcorn ceiling. Nothing dates a house more than popcorn ceiling and fixtures from the sixties. While many older bathrooms had a separate exhaust fan and lighting fixture (often requiring two switches), today’s home often have an exhaust fan that is hidden behind a beautiful lightning fixture (requiring a single switch).

While bathrooms were previously designed more for functionality, today’s homeowner wants a bathroom that is not only functional but beautiful and enjoyable. For example, many new homes today no longer have the antiquated bathtub and shower combinations. Instead, the newer bathrooms are designed to be larger with more open space. A bigger, more open shower area versus the boxed in showers of the past, multiple shower units that can provide a full body shower instead of simply spraying water from the head down, and in-shower seating are just a few of the new options available when considering a bathroom renovation.

Regardless of how much you want to spend, from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, your bathroom remodel in Greensboro, NC is an investment that can dramatically increase your home’s re-sale value. If you have been dreaming about a bathroom remodel in Greensboro, NC, then Distinctive Designs can help you achieve your dream bathroom. Our staff of design specialists can give you recommendations based on the latest trends in colors, textures, fixtures and lightning. Plus, if you need us to handle your project from start to finish we can.

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