Greensboro Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are cabinets that are specially made to meet the space and design specifications of your kitchen. While they may cost more and take a little longer to produce than stock or semi-stock cabinets, they are well worth the extra money and time. Because they are manufactured by experienced cabinetry craftsmen, using superior methods and materials, they look better and hold up longer than other cabinetry options.

What’s the Difference Between Custom and Stock Cabinetry?

Stock Cabinets
Most stock cabinets are made of inferior materials. This means they will wear quicker, fall apart faster, and generally aren’t top quality in the first place. These cabinets are often made of particle board materials covered with veneers or imitation plastic wood, presenting a number of problems. For starters, particle board cabinetry tends to flake with use, causing the veneer (often held on by cheap glues) to come off the cabinets as the subsurface degrades. Additionally, particle board is notorious for coming apart over time. Because it is a less dense material, fasteners tend to pull out and your shelving bows under the weight of dishes. Considering your cabinets hold some of your most prized and fragile possessions, it’s important to ask yourself whether you’re willing to risk your dining set in order to save a few bucks.

Custom Cabinets
Hand-made custom cabinets, on the other hand, are almost always constructed of solid hardwood to your specifications. High-grade building materials eliminate the flaking, sagging, and eventual degradation that comes with cheaper materials. Add to that the natural beauty of properly stained hardwoods, and it’s clear that custom cabinets are a superior and long-lasting option.

Fit your particular cabinet needs
The other clear benefit of custom cabinets is that they are specifically designed to optimize the space in which they are installed. Because stock cabinets are pre-manufactured, they simply can’t provide the optimal space usage that a set of cabinets has the potential to provide. Custom kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are made to fit your unique cabinet needs. They can be manufactured for placement in hard to fit corners, built deeper than stock cabinets because of the integrity of their materials, and be crafted to perfectly address the specific design demands of your kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets are far and away the best solution for making the most of the space of you have.

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