Greensboro Cabinetry Hardware

The look and function of cabinetry hardware is an important part of how a kitchen or bathroom looks. A set of well-chosen cabinet handles can truly breathe life into an otherwise dull area. In a place where the surroundings are already to a homeowner’s liking, a cabinet knob can provide an excellent accent to the existing d├ęcor in your Greensboro home.

Cabinet Handle Materials

Cabinet knobs and handles are made out of almost anything. Those with a taste for shimmer and shine will find that metal cabinet knobs run the entire gamut from aluminum to zinc. Each metal will have certain pros and cons, but some are definitely more popular than others.

Wooden cabinet knobs can be made from the same type of wood as the cabinets themselves, but for the sake of contrast, an interesting look can be attained by using two different types of wood. A similar effect can be made by using the same wood type but utilizing different colored stains. Those interested in this option will be happy to know that wooden cabinet knobs are available unfinished so they can be stained to your liking.

Cabinet knobs can be made of horn, bone, ivory, glass, and even stone. If there is a material that you desire, there is probably a company (or independent artisan) that’s making a knob or handle out of it right now.

Pricing Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet handles are generally a bit more expensive than cabinet knobs as they usually contain more material and can also take more work to fabricate. Neither option is exceedingly pricey.

Antique Cabinet Knobs

People are often willing to go over budget when it comes to buying antique knobs. The idea that your purchase becomes more rare and special by the day is a very appealing one. Very often cabinet hardware that was nearly worthless 100 years ago has a high value today.

If you are looking for something unique that has a story to tell, then an antique is a good way to go. An antique, however, is only worth what the person who wants it most is willing to pay. Make sure to trust your judgment – if something seems way too expensive for a cabinet handle, then it probably is.

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