Greensboro Bathroom Cabinets

Installing the right bathroom cabinet in Greensboro is more important than most homeowners realize, and extends far beyond shopping for the perfect vanity. In a room as small as a bathroom, every square inch of space counts. An uncluttered bathroom is a more spacious one, and bathroom cabinets provide you with valuable storage space for everything from reserve rolls of toilet paper to linens and toiletries. Preserve the space you already have and create even more by installing a bathroom cabinet designed to make use of neglected and overlooked areas.

Choosing the right vanity is important, both from a storage and design perspective. For most homeowners, a vanity with multiple drawers and several larger cabinets for under counter storage is ideal. At the very least, you want to have adequate storage for the toiletries that you use on a regular basis, necessary cleaning supplies, a few extra linens, and basic appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons. If you’ve got the space, consider installing a double sink vanity in bathrooms that get heavy use. You’ll reduce congestion during the morning rush and the extra storage space below is an added bonus. Finally, if you’re into cutting edge bathroom trends, stone or glass vessel sinks, floating vanities with requisite glass countertops, and stand-alone vanities that resemble antique furniture are all the rage for homeowners looking to make a fashion statement with their bathroom vanity.

Once you select the right vanity for your bathroom, the next task is to create more storage space without sacrificing valuable square footage in the bathroom. The answer lies in built-in cabinetry designs and overhead bathroom cabinets. There is certainly nothing wrong with traditional cabinetry designs, provided your bathroom is large enough to accommodate them and still leave you enough room to turn around comfortably. Unfortunately, in many bathrooms that just isn’t possible. By building cabinets into the wall and situating hanging cabinets out of the way and higher on the wall, you’ll be able to install a functioning set of bathroom cabinets without sacrificing space. Here is a list of suggestions regarding built-in cabinet designs and overhead cabinets to help get you off on the right foot.

  • Install overhead cabinets over toilets and other bathroom fixtures. Avoid installing hanging cabinets in walkways and thoroughfares to reduce accidents.
  • Install towel racks underneath hanging cabinets to maximize their utility value.
  • Install a recessed medicine cabinet. These medicine cabinets are built into the wall, rather than hung on the surface. They provide storage without taking up space and help create a more spacious feeling overall.
  • Install built-in linen closets. A built-in linen closet is a ceiling to floor bathroom cabinet in Greensboro that provides more than ample storage for linens and other bathroom necessities. If designed properly, they can even house television shelves installed on a swivel so you can watch television during a long soak in the tub.
  • Install a combination built-in bookshelf and bathroom cabinet. It’s an excellent way to solve two common bathroom dilemmas: insufficient storage space, and a lack of reading materials.

Installing new bathroom cabinetry can be harder than it sounds, especially if you’re installing a vanity, a recessed medicine cabinet, or built-in cabinetry. A new vanity requires some basic plumbing skills to install, a recessed medicine cabinet necessitates that you cut into the wall and re-frame the opening to accommodate the new cabinet, and built-in cabinets are custom designed by nature. All are beyond the skill level of most homeowners but can be professionally installed by the experts at Distinctive Designs.  If you’re ready to install new bathroom cabinets in Greensboro, your best bet is to call Distinctive Designs.