The floor of your bathroom not only makes a big style statement, it determines the overall comfort of the room. There are many different options for bathroom flooring and your goal should be to choose an attractive option that is also durable and functional. If you are planning bathroom remodeling in Greensboro, consider the following options for floor materials.

  • Peak at bathroom flooring optionsTile. Various types such as ceramic and stone tile provide a variety of colors and textures while offering a non-slip, water resistant surface.
  • Hardwood. Wood floors can be sealed to prevent water damage. If the floor leading to the bathroom is made of hardwood it provides a seamless transition to continue with the same material into the bathroom.
  • Stone. Polished or unpolished, stone offers a bold, yet natural look. The texture of unpolished stone ensures a non-slip surface when wet.
  • Vinyl. With a similar look to that of hardwood, vinyl offers a more affordable option that is easy to clean.
  • Carpet. Although it may not be the most common choice due to the damp nature of bathroom floors, carpet brings a soft comfort that hard floors can’t. However, there are types that are mold and mildew resistant and some that can be pulled up easily in smaller squares for cleaning purposes.

Heated Floors are an Affordable Luxury to Add to your Bathroom Remodeling Plan in Greensboro

Radiant floor heating can be added with any of the above types of floor materials. A series of tubes run under the floor through which hot water is circulated to radiate heat up through the floor. Tile and stone floors tend to be cold to the touch, especially in cold weather, and heated floors are much cozier when stepping out of the shower. As far as prices of bathroom features go, heated floors are a moderately priced option.

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