Floor Tile in GreensboroFlooring does not have to be just a nondescript surface used to display your decor choices. It is one of the major expenses of furnishing a home, so you need it to be strong and long lasting. Why not also make it a joy to live with?

The experienced Distinctive Designs team will be happy to assist you with choosing the most exciting flooring for your entire home, and provide you with all the information you will need in order to make informed decisions — some of which you may find surprising, particularly if you are looking for floor tile in Greensboro.

There are multiple reasons why ceramic tile is often the first choice in flooring; these are the factors you will want to consider.

Floor Tile in Greensboro Homes is Versatile

There are endless options when it comes to size, color, style, shape, and texture in ceramic tiles. No matter what your design style is, there is sure to be a ceramic tile that matches – be it rustic or contemporary. Moreover, it’s not even limited to floors. It can be used to great effect all over the house, for showers, walls and kitchen backsplashes.

Ceramic Tile is Durable and Affordable

Since ceramic tiles are made of all-natural materials, they are likely to last decades. Plus, they are so low maintenance – just wash and go – that you will never have to replace them because of stains or scratches, as with other types of flooring.

A Note About Ceramic Tile in the Bathroom

Do you love the look of ceramic floor tile in Greensboro homes but hate the thought of your bare feet hitting a cold surface? Then you may want to consider using in-floor heating in your bathroom. It isn’t necessary to do the whole room; you can just do the spot in front of the vanity where you stand to brush your teeth or a small space in front of the shower.

You can’t beat the water resistance of ceramic tile, so it is perfect for kitchen and bathroom tile in Greensboro homes. However, its durability, affordability, and the variety of ways it can add impact to your décor make it suitable and desirable anywhere in your home.

The Distinctive Design team in Greensboro, NC, team is experienced and knowledgeable. They’ll be happy to answer any questions, schedule a consultation, or even assist you in choosing a color palette. If you’re interested in learning more about ceramic tiles, call today at (336) 886-4293.