Can I really afford custom cabinets?

Depending on the design of a project, custom cabinets can be less! What we found out when we launched our Custom Product is that whenever you step outside the rulebook of a factory cabinets, that it get’s expensive! Our custom cabinets are competitive and offer a huge value economically when you add multiple options to your design. Also, comparing our custom cabinets to semi-custom factory cabinets, or a factory cabinet, once you go up to a certain level you are more expensive and get less value!

Why would I want Custom Cabinets versus a factory cabinet?

Custom cabinets are made for you space and maximize every square inch! They also are made of wood, and are hand finished. This raises the bar for beauty and durability. Only if you are looking at strictly price and an entry-level factory cabinet, are factory cabinets a good value. The entry-level products usually have imported parts and only offer value in a simple design. If you are looking for a certain level of product, our custom cabinets add huge value! So, why wouldn’t you want custom cabinetry?

Can a designer help with controlling project costs?

Absolutely! Great designers offer solutions that fit into budgets. We at Distinctive Designs specialize in coming up with cutting edge idea’s that stay in budget. We offer solutions across the board from tile, appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, demolition, and space planning. We can categorize and help you individually see the cost of your project. A great designer can show you the pros and cons up front, instead of breaking expectations in the end result of the project. This is our specialty at DDI.

Can you oversee the whole project?

We are licensed General Contractors and we have an interactive showroom that makes the process easy and fun. We have worked hard to make the process a fun and enjoyable experience, so for the last couple of years we have added all the pieces of the puzzle to make that happen. Also, since we are the general contractor we take pride in our scheduling and being your contact for all phases of the project, which allows us to finish projects very quickly and, on time. We also depending on workflow have relationships with the best contractors in the area and can introduce their teams as well!

Why do you charge a retainage?

We take pride in being a design build contractor. What that means is we worked diligently up front to hit our clients style, budget, and schedule. This takes time and planning, but is the only way to achieve the perfect end result. The retainage gives us the liberty to invest heavily into our client’s vision and needs. The retainage is small in comparison to the time vested and is applied to the purchase price of the project when finalized, which makes it essentially free when products are purchased with us. We believe this is The Distinctive Designs Difference!

Will you work with my contractor or designer?

We absolutely will! We always welcome our clients to use any part of our services and we always enjoy meeting and working with new people! If you have a relationship with a contractor or designer, it is usually best for the first meeting for him or her to present with you, so we can all get together on the same page. We have found this is essential to making the project run smooth and seamlessly.