You wouldn’t know it until you try it, but installing custom lighting in your kitchen space makes the world of difference. Not only will your kitchen space look roomier and more elegant, you will feel calmer too. This blog outlines different custom lighting options for your kitchen.

Blend different types of lighting
Experts at Home Garden TV recommend for the best results, don’t just stick with one type of lighting. Try blending lighting that helps with tasking, ambience, accent and then decorative. This will yield great results.

Avoid one central light source
One common mistake people make when lighting their kitchen space is relying on one central light source to illuminate the entire kitchen. This becomes garish and overwhelming. Instead, think in layers.

Be smart with where you place your task lighting
Being able to see well as chop up and prepare your food is essential for kitchen space lighting. Therefore, think carefully where you place your task lighting. Examine where you work and how. Try installing your lighting in different locations and before committing to the space, ensure you aren’t casting shadows over your work space. Consider these areas as prime locations for task lighting:

  • The pantry
  • Overhead at your island
  • Over your cabinets

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