How To Choose the Best Flooring Option for Your New Bathroom

Bathroom remodel idea photoDeciding between the various flooring options for bathrooms can be difficult, but also a lot of fun. If you are planning on bathroom remodeling in Greensboro, new floors are most likely part of the plan. So what are the best choices and why? Most Practical Choices: Ceramic or Porcelain Tile. Tile is economical and can handle getting wet. Vinyl. Easy to install and holds up to water quite well, especially if sheet vinyl is used to avoid seams. Most Attractive Choices: Ceramic or Porcelain Tile. Tile offers color and beauty. Designs can be created with tile in artistic patterns. Stone…. Read More

Materials to Consider for your New Bathroom Countertops

A photo of bathroom countertop in Greensboro NCCountertops make a major style statement in a bathroom. The sink and vanity make up a large part of the surface area and color pallet of the room. There are a variety of materials that countertops are typically made with, and each has its pros and cons. Check out this comparison to help you choose bathroom countertops. Granite. Easily one of the most popular choices because of its beauty, granite is durable once sealed and requires little maintenance. It’s one of the more pricey materials, but it adds value to your home. Quartz. Similar to granite, quartz is a high… Read More

Flooring Options for your Bathroom Remodel

Peak at bathroom flooring optionsThe floor of your bathroom not only makes a big style statement, it determines the overall comfort of the room. There are many different options for bathroom flooring and your goal should be to choose an attractive option that is also durable and functional. If you are planning bathroom remodeling in Greensboro, consider the following options for floor materials. Tile. Various types such as ceramic and stone tile provide a variety of colors and textures while offering a non-slip, water resistant surface. Hardwood. Wood floors can be sealed to prevent water damage. If the floor leading to the bathroom is… Read More

How to Stay Within Your Budget During a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodel photo“It cost more than I thought” is a common statement from most homeowners who have gone through any remodeling project. Bathroom remodeling projects are not exempt. It can have unexpected costs if you don’t manage your project wisely. The following tips will help guide your project so you aren’t sending your money down the drain. Plan Your Project on Paper Before you make the final decision to start your project, get out a notepad or open up an excel file and document what you want for your new bathroom. Then, separate each category info financial groups. Labor costs, materials, fixtures,… Read More

Backsplash Options to Match your New Countertops

Unique backsplash design photoRemodeling your kitchen involves a lot of choices. Countertops and backsplashes are choices that need to be made together so that the colors, patterns, and textures complement each other. A backsplash is typically composed of tile or some other easy to clean material that protects the walls above your counters from the splatter and mess of food preparation. Whether you choose the countertops or the backsplash first, you can coordinate either item to match. Consider these different approaches to choosing backsplashes and countertops in Greensboro, NC. Selecting Countertops First Makes it Easier to Find Matching Backsplashes Backsplash options are much… Read More

5 Unique Ideas for your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen redesigned in Greensboro photoAre you looking for unique ideas to make your kitchen stand out from all the rest? There are plenty of ways to make your kitchen stylish and reflective of your own personality. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Greensboro, consider these unconventional ideas to give your kitchen a facelift. Bold colored cabinets. Cabinets make a huge statement in a kitchen, which makes them a great place to show some unique style. Consider painted cabinets of a solid color to set the pallet of the room. Or if you prefer a more natural look, consider an unconventional stain color that… Read More

Floor Tile in Greensboro Homes: The Advantages

Floor Tile in GreensboroFlooring does not have to be just a nondescript surface used to display your decor choices. It is one of the major expenses of furnishing a home, so you need it to be strong and long lasting. Why not also make it a joy to live with? The experienced Distinctive Designs team will be happy to assist you with choosing the most exciting flooring for your entire home, and provide you with all the information you will need in order to make informed decisions — some of which you may find surprising, particularly if you are looking for floor tile… Read More

Bathroom Renovation in Greensboro, NC, Should Be Simple, Not Scary

Bathroom Renovation in GreensboroBathroom renovation in Greensboro, NC, does not necessarily have to mean gutting an entire room and starting over from scratch. In the hands of seasoned professionals, just changing a fixture and adding a few accessories could make a vast difference in both impact and functionality. However, even a full bathroom remodeling in Greensboro can be relatively painless when the right team is in charge. Bathroom Remodeling in Greensboro: Less Can Be More Have you been dreaming of a truly stunning bathroom where you can pamper yourself, rather than spend as little time in as possible, but don’t know where to… Read More

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