Bathroom Renovation in GreensboroBathroom renovation in Greensboro, NC, does not necessarily have to mean gutting an entire room and starting over from scratch. In the hands of seasoned professionals, just changing a fixture and adding a few accessories could make a vast difference in both impact and functionality. However, even a full bathroom remodeling in Greensboro can be relatively painless when the right team is in charge.

Bathroom Remodeling in Greensboro: Less Can Be More

Have you been dreaming of a truly stunning bathroom where you can pamper yourself, rather than spend as little time in as possible, but don’t know where to begin? Are you afraid it is beyond your means? Then you may be amazed how much can be achieved with relatively little changes.

Most people just can’t be expected to know all of the tips and tricks that professional designers do. Sometimes, just exquisite granite countertops plus a paint job and a couple of stunning bathroom accessories will look like a million dollar’s worth of bathroom remodeling in Greensboro. Using quality materials over small spaces can be affordable, as well.

The Distinctive Designs team offers custom solutions, so they can create a plan based upon your current bathroom that is suited to your individual tastes, needs and specific budget. For instance, since the cabinets are made from scratch, something useful can be created to fit the most oddly shaped space.

Bathroom Renovation in Greensboro, NC, from Start to Finish

Do you find the idea of tearing up a room in your house a little scary? Then what you need is a team who will supervise every last detail of the project from the very beginning until the very end.

Even the simplest bathroom remodel in Greensboro could very likely involve more than one contractor. Plumbing, painting, tile, whatever is being done will mean strangers coming and going as they complete their work. Knowing that all of these separate jobs are being double checked by one team, so nothing will fall through the cracks, is a huge relief.

This is particularly important in a full bathroom remodel in Greensboro, where the Distinctive Designs team may even create a new layout for improved traffic flow and efficiency. Years of experience with trusted partners ensure that you will get a look you love that will last for decades.

The Distinctive Designs team knows how to create lovely, efficient rooms within a variety of budgets. Call (336) 886-4293 today for a free consultation, and find out how Distinctive Designs can give you the bathroom of your dreams with a wide range of beautiful quality materials.