Bathroom Plumbing

We can help with bathroom plumbing updates and design.

We specialize in bathroom renovation and remodeling to our clients in Greensboro and the surrounding areas of NC.  When a bathroom is remodeled, plumbing design and updates are usually needed as well.

Remodeling your bathroom may require you to redesign the entire layout of the room. When this happens, you will need the assistance of a qualified plumber to install drains and plumbing systems that will support the new design. The Distinctive Design team will take control of the situation and enlist the help of their experienced plumbers who will install a plumbing system that will support all of your modern appliances. We take care of all of your bathroom design and installation needs.

Please give us a call at (336) 814-2259 for all your bathroom design needs.

Design Gallery of bathrooms by Distinctive Designs in Greensboro NC