Bathroom Appliances

We have provided North Carolina residents with elegant bathroom appliances at affordable prices for over a decade.

The appliances are the biggest fixtures and serve as the main focal points of the bathroom. You want them to look clean and inviting.  You want your sink to look luxurious and sophisticated. We have years of experience designing and installing bathroom appliances for clients in Greensboro and the surrounding areas of NC that we can put to work in your bathroom to create a dramatic new space, or upgrade your current bathroom simply by upgrading to new appliances.

At Distinctive Designs, we understand the importance of choosing beautiful tubs, sinks, and showers for your family to enjoy.  We can help you create a spa-like feel in your bathroom so that you and your guests will feel relaxed and rejuvenated in your beautiful new bathroom.

Have to work around a washer and dryer or water heater? No problem! Our designers will create solutions to store your appliances without detracting from the overall beauty of your bathroom. We also offer kitchen appliances in Greensboro.

Give us a call at (336) 886-4293 to speak with one of our design specialists.

Bathroom Gallery from Distinctive Designs Graphic