here is nothing more classic or beautiful than marble countertops, which is probably why marble is one of the most popular kitchen countertops. While some homeowners may believe that marble is too soft, actually it has been used for hundreds of centuries because of its strength and durability. What are some of the other advantages of using marble for counter tops?

Advantages of Using Marble Countertops

  • Elegance and luxury. Nothing is more elegant than the soft gentle swirls that appear in marble countertops. Walk in any kitchen or office that utilizes the exquisite beauty of marble and the elegance has an immediate impact. This is one of the reasons many commercial buildings use marble though out their buildings – it is instant conveyance of elegance and success.
  • Durability. Although maintenance is required, marble is actually an extremely durable stone. Some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious buildings and landmarks were built using this precious stone. In fact, the Washington Monument in Washington, DC is a testament to the strength and durability of marble. Construction on the monument began in 1848 and was finished in 1884. The monument reaches a height of 555 feet and uses three distinct types of marble, which can be discerned from miles away.
  • Unique designs. Marble is soft enough to shape and cut. This makes it the ideal choice for unique designs and edges. Plus, since marble can be cut and shaped with less risk of chipping, it is the ideal choice for homeowners that want a unique design.
  • Resistant to Staining and Breaking. Although other countertop surfaces may stain or break, marble is resistant to these issues. Marble is soft enough not to break, yet strong enough to withstand years of use. Plus, marble is dense enough not to absorb stains making it an ideal choice for countertops or floors.
  • Stays Cool. Because marble stays cooler than other products used for countertop design, it is ideal for rolling out pastries, pie shells, and cookies. Bakers have always preferred marble countertops for just this reason.
  • Lack of Bacteria Buildup. Unlike other types of countertops, marble is extremely dense and, therefore, doesn’t absorb bacteria. This makes marble and excellent choice for countertops, as well as floors.
  • Increases Home Value. Replacing laminate or basic countertops with marble will dramatically increase the value of your home. Plus, unlike other materials that may depreciate with time, marble is one of the few upgrades that can actually pay for itself when you decide to sell your home. In fact, according to the New York Times real estate blog, in addition to adding value to your home, marble countertops also make homes more appealing to buyers.

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