There is something super sophisticated and stylish about hardwood flooring. When done right, hardwood flooring adds massive resale value to your home while also helping your interior look neat, chic and cool. This blog outlines the virtues of having hardwood flooring and offers some suggestions on how to care for it.

Distinctive looks and styles
In our view, one of the best things about hardwood flooring is the vast array of styles and tones available. We have traditional designs, contemporary designs, dark hues and light hues. Each style of flooring offers such a distinctive look and feel to each room.

Durability and longevity
While hardwood flooring may cost more than other options, you quickly make your money back because the floors last so well. Ebony, Brazilian walnut and Brazilian teak are the most durable hardwood floorings. Brazilian cherry, Santos Mahogany and hard maple are also excellent, durable hardwood floors.

Caring for your hardwood floors
It’s recommended that you don’t use moisture, or at least a lot of water to clean your hardwood floors. Excessive moisture will cause buckling and other damage. We recommend using a broom and vacuum cleaner to collect dust then using a Swiffer or other kind of dry mop for thorough cleaning and using a sponge or cloth for mopping up spills.
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