About Us

Over the years we have assembled a special team here at Distinctive Designs, Inc. A team that has been well positioned and has worked together with one thing in mind, to serve our customers!


  • 2014 1st Place Ideal Home Show
  • 2012 Bronze Award Wellborn Cabinets
  • 2011 1st Place Ideal Home Show Greensboro
  • 2010 3rd Place Ideal Home Show Greensboro
  • 2005, 2006, 2007, & 2008 Gold Award Parade of Homes, Greensboro
  • 2007 Silver Award Parade of Homes, Greensboro
  • Best Kitchen Award for Les Messengale

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Distinctive Designs was started as a distributor of many different cabinet products which varied in price point and quality. Through the process of selling these products, we discovered two things. First, that it is important to know your products and services intimately. Without this intimate knowledge it is impossible to truly help our customers with their needs. The main thing we realized is that the old saying “you get what you pay for” is quite true! The price point cabinetry products that we sold to our customers were always less for a reason. The products that were pretty good from a quality standpoint were too expensive for anyone to buy. This is what catapulted us into a process that was tedious and complex, but well worth it.

The question that came to the forefront was: how can we bring an affordable product to our market that had superior quality and that would stand out from all of the competitors in our market today? We knew the pitfalls, strengths and weaknesses of the cabinet industry because of our exposure to numerous lines and selling a lot of them at one point or another. Before starting Distinctive Designs, I had seen or sold just about every product known while working for other companies and building the clientele that I am so thankful for today! So, taking that knowledge we launched into custom cabinet making.

This brings me to the second factor, which is as important as the first, the team at DDI that I am so excited about and thankful to be a part of. Our team has a nature that truly separates us from our competitors. I believe it is the secret to the success that we have had over the years and hope that we will continue to have in the future. The team that I am referring to had little cabinet experience when they began with DDI, but each one of them is specially gifted. They are the most progressive and gifted people I have ever met and have helped tackle the large task of not only building and finishing custom cabinets but also managing the process and paying attention to detail in all aspects of the process.The main thing that you have to do to keep custom cabinetry competitive in the market is to operate in an efficient and effective manner. The team that I have has tackled this process with amazing precision. That same precision and attention to detail has made Distinctive Designs Custom Cabinetry truly an outstanding value in today’s market. I believe we are a rare company because of our people.

I have only heard of a couple of companies that have ever progressed the way that we have. For example, you will find custom companies that opt out of custom work to sell factory cabinets, the reason, for capacity or to ease the workload. The Distinctive Design Difference, I believe, is that the first question with us is not how to make it easier, but is how to make it better! We are a unique custom cabinet company. We have all of the strengths of the cabinet distributors such as 3-D drawings, management systems for job completion and knowledge of the large cabinet supplier’s strengths (ie: finish durability). We have kept those good traits and implemented them in our business model today. Then we have eliminated their weaknesses such as limitations for designing, quality issues due to mass production, and the large margins. We have leaned these down by combining the manufacturing and the distributing of the cabinets into one company. We have the strengths of the distributor and the custom companies without any of their weaknesses. This is the Distinctive Designs Difference!

Thank you for taking the time to share our journey with us! We hope that we will be able to partner with you on your next project…or dream!

Travis S. Parrish