You can change the look of your home in a weekend. These days, there are so many options out there–and so many affordable design companies willing to do short-term projects–that it doesn’t take a big interruption to your lifestyle to update your home. Here are 10 ideas for easy home remodeling to get you started.

Consider the versatility of pegboard. It’s not just for workshops and garages any longer. Pegboard is more versatile that you may think. If you are looking for a place to hang kitchen utensils that are used frequently, pegboard can be easily cut, painted and blended with the design of your kitchen. Use creative hooks and hooked shelving to secure more space for those pesky tools–wine openers, spatulas, pot-holders. This will free up drawer space in your kitchen and clear up some counter space as well. The look: Think industrial, Bohemian chic. Perfect for smaller kitchens where space saving is at a premium.

Give those cabinets a face-lift. So, you like your cabinets and you have plenty of storage. They do their job well–it’s just that they look like they’re trapped in the 1970s. Did you know that most cabinetry design companies can help you update those cabinets by simply refacing the doors and hardware? Dark cabinets can make a dark kitchen–especially if your cabinets take up most of the visual focus. Switching out cabinet and drawer facings for lighter wood, or a painted surface can brighten the overall look of your kitchen in just a few days.

Add tile to back-splashes and counter-tops. Venetian tile, glass tile, and subway tiles are still popular for an easy renovation on kitchens and bathrooms. There are plenty of DIY project plans online and in popular home improvement magazines for weekend remodeling projects that involve adding, or replacing old tile with new to brighten up a bathroom without breaking the bank. Contact the experts at Distinctive Designs in Greensboro. We are much more than cabinets–we are your local home improvement design specialists.

Turn that guest room into a nest room. If your home’s guest room has become an attic and storage closet, why not reclaim the space and turn it into a multi-purpose room? Getting rid of clutter is freeing. It opens up the possibilities of fully utilizing the space in our homes. A first step is to spend a weekend separating the trash from the treasure. It’s a daunting task, but make it a family project. A good rule of thumb: If there’s something in that spare room that you haven’t used, or hasn’t seen the light of day in a year–chances are you no longer really need it. It has outlived its usefulness, or perhaps your tastes have changed. Hey–this is normal! It’s also normal for us to want to hang on to things “just in case we might need them or use them one day.” Well, just think how much better you’ll feel if you can get rid of some clutter now, and free up an entire room for your family to use instead. So, the first step is the hardest. GET RID OF THE CLUTTER. Save only those items that your family agrees unanimously are necessary for turning the old junk room-slash-guest room into a truly useful space.

Make a plan as a family–what will this new room become? Whether it’s a garage, a guest room, or even a closet that has become too frightening to open–once you have gotten rid of the clutter and can see the walls and floor again, you now have a blank canvas on which to create something…well, really COOL. For instance, that crowded coat closet can become organized by installing a built in umbrella stand, shoe cubbies with drawers for gloves and scarves, and extra shelving for hats, still leaving plenty of room for coats you have decided to keep. The junk room can evolve into a home library and quiet room for meditation, or a study room for the kids away from the distractions of television and facebook. Consider keeping the daybed for guests, but when guests aren’t visiting, use it as a couch instead. Install a wall mounted craft table that can fold flat when not in use, and mount some trend-setting, custom cabinets on the walls to make the old “junk room” into a craft room and guest room. See the remodeling and reorganizing experts at Distinctive Designs in Greensboro.