Cabinets aren’t just the focal point of your kitchen and bathroom; they provide excellent storage for your possessions. When doing a kitchen remodeling or home remodeling project, replacing old looking cabinets with new, custom designed cabinetry is a great way to boost the look of your home. In fact, cabinetry is growing in popularity. According to a study by a market research firm called the Freedonia Group, U.S. demand for cabinets is forecasted to rise over 8% annually. That would bring it to $15.3 billion in 2016. This article tells you how to enjoy personalized storage and style with custom designed cabinetry.

Our Distinctive Designs custom cabinetry far exceeds industry standards. We carefully work with our clients to design and make beautiful and functional cabinets that are really affordable. Our experts work with you to craft precisely the right cabinets to fit your space, your personal style and the kind of design you like to. This means we build, sand and finish the cabinets as well as design them locally. We use the best quality materials. Our custom-designed cabinets are durable and will last and last. You’ll be thrilled and so will your friends and family.

Semi-custom cabinets

Another option for our clients is offering semi-custom cabinets. These offer high quality kitchen and bath cabinets with a wide variety of styles and pricing. We can work with short lead times and help you install these too.

Don’t forget the hardware

Another way we custom design our cabinetry for our clients is adding the final touch with some decorative hardware. There is a multitude of options and how design consultants will work carefully with you to choose the ideal hardware to match your kitchen, bathroom and its beautiful new cabinetry.

Some industry trends

You might be interested to know some of the kitchen remodeling trends this year.
Light cabinetry is really popular currently. Customers are opting for light and bright designs and kitchens this year versus darker designs last year. Add a dark island to the light kitchen cabinetry and your kitchen will really pop. Simple white cabinetry is also popular, according to HGTV.

People are also enjoying open shelving and displaying special pottery and plates rather than keeping them concealed.
There is a move away from clutter and towards refining your kitchen space so that it appears open, calm and relaxing.
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