It’s amazing what a little paint, some accessories, and brand-new energy efficient appliances can do for your kitchen–and your outlook on life. It’s possible to renovate a kitchen, from cabinets and counters down to the floor, without breaking the bank. Depending on your budget, there are some very innovative ideas available. Partner with a design specialist to see what renovations can be done while staying within your budget. Once you’ve done this, consider some of the following ideas.

Built-Ins. Built-ins are convenient and sleek, two buzz words in today’s kitchen designs. Think steamers and strainers that are part of the kitchen hardware, high-end coffeemakers, professional ice machines and wine coolers, knife racks, spice holders, ring holders, fondue pots, ice beds for shrimp, drawers for storing–and hiding smaller appliances like food processors and even microwaves and much, much more. Built-ins can range in price point depending on what you can spend–so, ask your designer for more information.

Free Style Options. Because we’re spending more and more time in our kitchens, there is a move away from the enclosed or “fitted” look of continuous counters. Look for more freestanding pieces of furniture or features with furniturelike qualities, such as a hinged cabriolet leg holding up a kitchen counter, a rolling butcher block that can double as a cafe table, collapsible and expandable bar area with folding bar stools. These details won’t be fussy but will further the notion that the kitchen isn’t just for utilitarian cooking, but is for living.

Artistic Upgrades. A lot can change your kitchen’s overall look without sacrificing its basic functionality. If your kitchen layout is working, and your cabinets are well-placed, but they still need a cosmetic overhaul, there’s a lot you can do to have a new kitchen without gutting the old one. Cupboard doors can be replaced with accent doors. Want a new backsplash? It’s as simple as applying DIY stainless tiles or installing a ready-to-hang piece of tile art. New range hoods can become works of art as well as functional parts of your kitchen. Finish the design off with a bright palette of new paint colors, and simple accessories like new towels and you can go from dull to dramatic, tired to trendy, in just a few minutes.

Add Organic Flow. Some appliances are sharp enough without adding sharp lines to your renovated kitchen design. One of the latest trends in kitchen design is to highlight movement, ergonomic flow and give a sense of the organic to your kitchen. Straight lines and sharp, right angles are “out”, while smooth, softening organic curves are in. Not only are rounded shapes visually pleasing, they also encourage a more natural circular traffic flow. Imagine never bumping into a sharp corner again, or hitting your noggin on sharp cabinet door edge.

A Cabinet That Does More. Innovative cabinet design includes cabinets with “self-closing” doors and drawers, which will greatly reduce wear and tear, and keep those doors from slamming ever again. New cabinet design saves counter space by offering pull-out pantries and spice racks–great for space saving and organization. Designers and consumers are turning their attention toward specific aspects, such as pullout waste cans, slideout towel bars and pulldown shelves. These accessories are often perfect for clients who are aging or may have special physical needs, but many others see the benefits as well. It adds form and innovation to function, maximizes space, adds to overall flow and makes the kitchen an area worth visiting–and showing off–more frequently.